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28 de September de 2017

Vehicles will be used in the country’s capital

Marcoplo has, in a partnership with Volvo, signed a contract to supply 203 Torino Low Entry units to the public transport system in Panama City, in Central America. The acquisition was made by MiBus, transport operator in the country, and the first shipping is to be delivered by the second half of September.

“The new buses will contribute to the ongoing improvement of transit in the urban areas, and allow for more comfort and agility for the passengers. With this acquisition, and the modernization of the fleet, MiBus will offer an exclusive service to its clients.!, highlights Rodrigo Pikussa, Marcopolo’s executive manager of International Business in the American region.

The Torino Low Entry has a robust build, increased reliability and an excellent cost/benefit ratio, valued attributes to the operators and businesses in the urban transport segment. It meets all the requirements for transport systems in Panama, and is equipped with a low floor, easing access for all passengers, without need for an elevator, and allow for faster embarking and disembarking, including passengers with reduced mobility or in wheelchairs.

With 13,2 meters in length, the Torino Low Entry specially developed for Panama has a EBS and ESP brake system, an electronic stability feature that lowers risk of skids and tipping, and two access points. The buses have 45 upholstered City seats, and a fleet management system, allowing the operator to control a series of features in the vehicle, such as fuel consumption and driver habits, online reports on vehicle position, average speed of the fleet, and engine rotation, among additional information.

The model boasts a modern design, and technology applied in favor of functionality, comfort and safety, with a redesigned multiplex system and panel, reverse camera, and LED-based internal and external lighting. It also has frontal and read optical assemblies, including daylight, allowing for increased safety in urban traffic, and differentiated door lighting to help passenger access, and a wide space for movement, comfort and safety.

Due to the high temperatures and humidity in Panama, the development of a special project was needed, demanding an out-of-standard insulation package, with a high potency air conditioner to ensure panamanian passengers thermal comfort inside the vehicle.