Paradiso New G7 1800 DD

Lines for medium and long distances, as well as the tourism segment.

Developed towards offering the highest standards of safety and comfort, the Paradiso 1800 DD is the sum of sophistication, ample internal space and technology. The model can also be configured to two service classes, increasing the quality of transport offered.

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  • Paradiso New G7 1800 DD

  • Lighting

    The internal lighting system, when the vehicle has no air conditioning, consists of lamps with LED bulbs. Optionally, the vehicle may be equipped with night lights. It also has lighting in the parcel rack, aisle, stairs and individual reading light support.

  • Couches

    Couches in the Bus Bed, Bed, Semibed Master, Semibed and Executive models meet the national and international norms for safety and comfort. Choose between a variety of coverings and customize the vehicle’s interior.

    Equipped with two- and three-point seatbelts.

    USB ports (Optional)

    Headphone port, sound control (Optional)


  • Interior

    The chassis can be internally coated with various materials and different color patterns. All the coatings meet the rigid international standards of flammability.

    Package holders and light bulb holder redesigned and resized, increasing the cargo load.

    Wi-Fi Internet, GPS, audiovisual system with DVD and MP3 radio. (Optionals)


  • Exterior

    Front, back, ceiling, in-windows designed to easerad maintenance.

    Side coating is made of aluminum panels, proper for coating tubular structures.

    Front and rear bumpers: agility in repairs.



    Comfort and Well-being

    Exclusive models for driver and auxiliary driver

Tour 360º

Take the 360 ° Tour of the Paradiso New G7 1800 DD.


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