Policy and Terms of Use

Fan Page, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn of Marcopolo S.A. aim to offer a dynamic entertainment experience to all users interested in institutional information, about products, campaigns and launches of the company's brands, as well as promotions and recreational-cultural actions through tools and applications created especially for the profiles of Marcopolo S.A. in these social networks.

The eventual promotions and cultural actions in the social networks of Marcopolo S.A., besides any and all promotion and/or cultural action carried out by Marcopolo S.A., will have specific regulations. For any promotion and/or recreational-cultural action carried out, the participation of the user will always happen by adhesion and by their own will and spontaneous.

The logos and brands displayed on social networks may not be used by users without the prior written permission of Marcopolo S.A.

All comments, images, videos or any other type of material published by fans on this page do not necessarily reflect the opinions and/or ideas of Marcopolo S.A., its executives, shareholders or employees.

All and any content published on social networks are the property of Marcopolo S.A. All rights are reserved and is expressly prohibited the use of any content or brands presented here without prior and express authorization of the company.

Updates released on social networks are the responsibility of each author. Any misunderstandings can be rectified.

Although the comments are for immediate publication, all messages will pass through moderation carried out by the marketing team responsible for the administration of the pages. Comments that include defamation and/or angry tone or so-called spammer (messages usually with promotional intent sent to a large number of people/profiles), with commercial and/or lucrative intent or that have no relation with the purpose of the pages will be deleted without prior notice.

Marcopolo S.A. may also ban the user who insists on maintaining inappropriate postures on the pages. Marcopolo SA reserves the right not to respond to comments considered offensive, defamatory or that completely run away from the profile proposal.